Reefton is a small town in the West Coast region of the South Island, New Zealand; it is located around 80 kilometres northeast of Greymouth, in the valley of the Inangahua River.

Reefton is full of historic charm. Visitors can pursue the town's heritage walk past the Reefton School of Mines, the courthouse, Oddfellows Hall, St Xavier's Convent and the Band Hall. At the Miner's Hut take the opportunity to watch steel being shaped by a blacksmith as you sit in front of the fire and enjoy a cup of tea.

The town is known as 'the town of light', because it turned on electric street lighting before any other town in the southern hemisphere in 1888. The Victoria Conservation Park is also a must-see; the park surrounds Reefton and has a network of walking tracks that are great for anyone of any age.

Reefton History

The town owes its origins to the discovery of gold bearing quartz reefs in the area in the late 1860s when the gold rush fever hit the West Coast. The town itself became established around 1870.

Main Towns in the West Coast Region

Oher Towns in the West Coast Region

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