South Island

The South Island has kilometres of unspoiled coastline, dozens of majestic mountain ranges and acres upon acres of lush rainforest. You will find the adventure capital of the world, Queenstown here. This stylish resort town draws millions of tourists every year to it world-renown ski slopes.

The South Island is also home to Christchurch, a charming city alive with colour, atmosphere and attractions. There are an array of activities you can enjoy whilst in the South Island with the most popular being bush walking, skiing, snowboarding and a number of water-based experiences, as well as climbing the magnificent Franz Josef Glacier.

Central Otago

Central Otago's scenery is both rugged and beautiful. This region, located in the centre of the South Island, is at the forefront of New Zealand's biotechnology and engineering worlds. A great place to visit, the Otago people have a hard-working, friendly and relaxed approach to life. Here you can immerse yourself in the diverse landscape, explore abandoned mining villages, visit local vineyards and get up close to some of the country's most intriguing animals.

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Christchurch-Canterbury is home to a magnificently diverse landscape, from the jagged peaks of the Southern Alps to the kilometres of silvery beaches. Home to over 350 000 residents, Christchurch features towering mountains, fresh ocean waters and acres of green pastures. The world-renown Garden City is dotted with beautiful landscaped parks.

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Dunedin, founded over 150 years ago, is renown for it's preserved Victorian and Edwardian heritage. Home to everything from intriguing wildlife to famous fashion designers, Dunedin is becoming increasingly more popular as a tourist destination. With natural beauty and cosmopolitan charm there is something for everyone in Dunedin.

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Fiordland's spectacular landscape amazes visitors day after day. Located on the south-west coast of the South Island, the World Heritage listed area showcases magnificent waterfalls, sparkling lakes, idyllic rainforests and granite peaks. If you are looking for a stunning area to explore then you can't go past Fiordland for a unique experience.

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Marlborough, located on the north-east corner of the South Island, is the country's largest wine making region. Home to just over 40 000 residents the region extends from the Marlborough Sounds to the rugged coastline of Kaikoura. The region offers visitors year-round sunshine, gourmet food, beautiful scenery and outdoor adventure to get your heart pumping. If you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, relax in natural surroundings and fill your tummy with delicious cuisine then Marlborough is the perfect destination for you.

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Nelson, located in the top north-west corner of the South Island, offers visitors a combination of a creative and laidback lifestyle and stunning landscape. Named a city in 1858, Nelson is ideally located at the northern edge of the Southern Alps. Relax and unwind with a backdrop of towering snow-tipped mountains, beautiful beaches and acre of picturesque vineyards.

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Queenstown, known to some as the adventure capital of the world, is nestled beside the beautiful Lake Wakatipu and shadowed by the spectacular Remarkables Mountain Range. From sparkling lakes in the summer to snow tipped peaks in the winter - Queenstown has something for visitors all year round.

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Southland, half an hour from Invercargill, is a beautiful region with lush rainforests and serene waterways. The southernmost region of New Zealand, here you will find wildlife at its best, great fishing and pristine nature. Home to just over 90 000 residents, Southland offers travellers a glimpse at the untouched natural beauty of the South Island whilst providing a range of attractions for people young and old.

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Wanaka is a secluded paradise. Bordered by majestic mountains, surrounded by native bushland and at the feet of the spectacular Southern Alps, Wanaka is a place to reflect and relax. The sparkling waters of the country's fourth largest lake attract adventure all year round. With a population of approximately 4 500 you can't help but relax in the peace and quiet of this beautiful destination.

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West Coast

West Coast, home to just over 30 000 people, is the longest region in New Zealand. With so few people and such a diverse landscape the region is an idyllic and intriguing destination for travellers. With towering mountains, age old forests, fascinating coastal formations and icy glaciers the West Coast region has an untamed feel about it.

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