Rugby World Cup 2011

Rugby union is regarded as New Zealand's national sport so it's only right that New Zealand is hosting the 2011 Rugby World Cup which will commence on the 9th September 2011 and run through to the 23rd October 2011. The 2011 Rugby World Cup will be the seventh Rugby World Cup and it will be the largest sporting event ever held in New Zealand.

There are twenty teams that will compete in the 2011 World Cup. Russia will be the only country making its World Cup debut. There are 4 pool groups: A, B, C, D each consisting of 5 teams. The pool groups are:

Pool A: New Zealand, France, Tonga, Canada, Japan

Pool B: Argentina, England, Scotland, Georgia, Romania

Pool C: Australia, Ireland, Italy, Russia, United States

Pool D: South Africa, Wales, Fiji, Samoa, Namibia

The winner and runner up of each pool will continue to the quarter finals where the winner of Pool C will play the runner up of Pool D, the winner of Pool B will play the runner up of Pool A, the winner of Pool D will play the runner up of Pool C and the winner of Pool A will play the runner-up of Pool B.

The winner of these matches will play in the semi-finals and then the final.

The games were scheduled to play at the following 12 stadiums:

Originally, the games were also scheduled to be played at Stadium Christchurch, Christchurch. Unfortunately due to the earthquakes, Christchurch has lost its Rugby World Cup games and they have been moved to other stadiums.

The quarter finals will be played at Wellington Regional Stadium in Wellington and Eden Park in Auckland with 2 matches played at each. The semi finals and final will all be played at Eden Park, Auckland.

The remaining public tickets will go on sale in July 2011. Tickets are available on a first in, first served basis; availability will vary across matches and categories. Tickets are subject to availability and ticket limits and terms and conditions apply. Ticket prices range from $20.00 - $460.00 for pool matches, $194.00 - $491.00 for quarter final matches, $296.00 - $797 for semi final matches and $399.00 - $1278.00 for the final match.