North Island

The North Island of New Zealand is as diverse as it is beautiful. An explorer's wonderland there are dormant volcanoes dotted across the island, sparkling waterways, golden beaches, rustic farmland and idyllic forestry. Here you will find the capital city, Wellington, a bustling city with stunning scenery and a growing arts scene. The North Island is also home to Auckland, a place where visitors can revel in being just 30 minutes from almost anything you could desire.

Whether you wish to escape to a rural hideaway, try your hand at adrenalin pumping activities, relax in coastal paradise or learn about the rich New Zealand history - there is something for everyone on the North Island.


Auckland, with a population of over 1.2 million, is home to almost one third of New Zealand's entire population. Boasting two mountain ranges, more than 50 islands, three harbours and over 40 volcanic cones, Auckland's natural environment is as diverse as it is interesting. In this urban city everyone lives within half an hour of hiking trails, beautiful holiday islands and gorgeous beaches. The unique attractions and natural assets of Auckland have made it an exciting holiday destination for all kinds of travellers.

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Main Towns in the Auckland Region

Other Towns in the Auckland Region

Bay of Plenty

The Bay of Plenty, on the east coast of New Zealand, is a beautiful region for a relaxing holiday. The Bay of Plenty is home to the thriving city of Tauranga and the hugely popular resort town of Mount Maunganui. From Maori culture, beautiful surf beaches to idyllic mountain ranges you can't get bored in the Bay of Plenty.

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Main Towns in the Bay of Plenty Region

Other Towns in the Bay of Plenty Region


The Coromandel region is a favourite amongst New Zealanders of all ages. Conveniently located just an hour and half drive from the Auckland International Airport it is close to other major cities Rotorua, Hamilton and Tauranga. With beautiful golden beaches, idyllic forestry and a relaxed, coastal lifestyle the Coromandel is the ideal destination for a holiday. Once you've been to the Coromandel you will want to return year after year.

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Main Towns in the Coromandel Region

Other Towns in the Coromandel Region


There is an untamed feel about the Eastland landscape with rolling hills and beautiful beaches. You will find eerily misty mountain lakes, acres upon acres of farmland and vineyards that produce some of the country's finest wine. Eastland is the place to immerse yourself in nature with popular activities including swimming, surfing and fishing.

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Main Towns in the Eastland Region

Other Towns in the Eastland Region


The Hamilton-Waikato region is one of the country's most popular tourist destinations. Located on the western side of the North Island the region is home to over 350 000 residents. The region is steeped in Maori culture, jam-packed full of adventure opportunities and features glorious natural attractions - what more could you want.

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Main Towns in the Hamilton-Waikato Region

Other Towns in the Hamilton-Waikato Region

Hawkes Bay

Hawkes Bay, approximately 4 hours from Wellington City, is New Zealand's leading red wine producer. Located on the east coast, the region enjoys a warm, dry climate and over 2200 hours of sun every year. From towering mountain ranges, wide rivers and the beautiful Pacific Ocean - Hawkes Bay has it all. Lake Taupo.

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Main Towns in the Hawkes Bay Region

Other Towns in the Hawkes Bay Region

Lake Taupo

The Lake Taupo region is steeped in Maori tradition and lies at the heart of the volcanic centre of New Zealand. Surrounded by mountain ranges and home to the biggest freshwater lake in the Southern Hemisphere - it's not hard to see why Lake Taupo is such a popular holiday destination.

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Main Towns in the Lake Taupo Region

Other Towns in the Lake Taupo Region


The Manawatu region, located half way between Taupo and Wellington, offers visitors a taste of the rural lifestyle with an abundance of outdoor activities. Characterised by spectacular rivers, untamed surf beaches, magnificent forest ranges and amazing gorges, Manawatu offers a beautiful and diverse landscape to it's visitors.

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Main Towns in the Manawatu Region

Other Towns in the Manawatu Region

Northland & Bay of Islands

Northland & Bay of Islands offers an abundance of untouched natural beauty and adventure to it's visitors. Northland stretches from just north of Auckland to the very tip of the North Island offering a multitude of beautiful towns, beaches, sights and attractions in between. There is something for every traveller in Northland.

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Main Towns in the Northland & Bay of Islands Region

Other Towns in the Northland & Bay of Islands Region


Rotorua, located in the Bay of Plenty region, is one of the original tourist destinations in New Zealand. Rotorua is home to approximately 53 000 residents, half of which being Maori. For over a century this city has been welcoming tourists to explore it's unique and fascinating landscape. Centrally located, Rotorua is just 60 kilometres south of Tauranga and 82 kilometres north-east of Taupo.

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Main Towns in the Rotorua Region

Other Towns in the Rotorua Region


The Ruapehu region, located just a 4 hour drive from Auckland and Wellington, is a stunning location for a holiday. Surrounded by spectacular natural features including the Tongariro National Park and the Whanganui River, the Ruapehu district is an explorer's dream destination.

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Other Towns in the Ruapehu Region


The Taranaki region, home to the spectacular Mount Taranaki, offers a natural playground for those who love an outdoor adventure. Located on the West Coast of the North Island, Taranaki is home to over 100 000 residents. The region offers visitors an array of natural delights paired with creative displays and adventure en mass. If you are looking to explore nature, create memories and relax in serene surroundings then Taranaki is for you.

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Main Towns in the Taranaki Region

Other Towns in the Taranaki Region


Wairarapa is located about an hour and a half from Wellington and features rolling hills, rugged coastline and rich farmland. With it's beautiful landscape, laid back country charm, picturesque orchards, great wine and divine cuisine there is no better destination for a relaxing break away from city life.

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Other Towns in the Wairarapa Region


Wellington, the capital city of New Zealand, is tucked away between rolling hills and a stunning harbour. With a population of approximately 466 575, Wellington offers travellers a beautiful mix of inner city living, heritage buildings and a picturesque landscape. Wellington and the surrounding area incorporates regional parks, beaches, quaint seaside villages, islands and more.

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Main Towns in the Wellington Region

Other Towns in the Wellington Region


Whanganui National Park is located in the central North Island with the township of Taumarunui to the north and Whanganui to the south. It is close to the small towns of Pipiriki, Ohinepane, and Whakahoro which are the main gateways to the river itself.

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Main Towns in the Whanganui Region

Other Towns in the Whanganui Region